Why do this?

It might be time that we gently look beyond our news filter bubbles and see what it looks like in other peoples news bubbles.

Daily Randomizer sets out to do that. The goal being to remove the labels and hopefully gather interest in reading and understanding others’ opinions.

The plan is to present as many different lenses as possible without weight or lean. Being that Daily Randomizer is not a giant mega-corporation with towers full of programmers, we freely admit it’s not perfect and probably will never be perfect. That said, we are a slave to technology available to us (and that we can understand) so we can only do what we can with what’s available to us.

We have no political agenda. No, we don’t support your cause, just like we’re not against your cause. This is for entertainment – and hopefully enlightenment – purposes only!

Be nice to people. Don’t judge them. Learn from them. 🙂